About Us

My name is Rich Phaneuf.  Every product you see on this site was hand-turned by myself on a lathe in my basement wood-shop at our home in Saratoga Springs, New York.  My wife, Christine, helps with the drilling, assembly, and paperwork. I started turning pens more than 17 years ago but we made it a business on January 27, 2004.  My sister, Donna, came up with the business name as a twist on our last name.  She is a huge help at craft shows and helps in suggesting new products to turn.

Peneuf uses over 80 domestic and exotic hard woods, some of which Rich has harvested himself in Saratoga and Washington Counties.  We do not add a stain or dye to any wood—the colors are their own.  We do use a product from the Rutland Plywood Company called dymondwood which is a hard-wood veneer that has been dyed, glued and compressed.  Depending on how it is cut changes how the product looks when turned.  The colors are amazing.

Each product is a one of a kind functional piece of art.  We hand select each pen blank before we start the pen-making process. After sanding and polishing, we assemble the product using different components to create the finalized pen that you see. There are many different styles of pens on this site. We have done our best to display and describe them. The pen you see is the pen you will receive. Before shipping, the product is placed in a box with a description of the wood as well as a piece of the wood the pen was made from.  We also put a sticker on the box that reminds you of what the refill is.

Available on this site are special boxes for pens and pencils for purchase. Please refer to our page on information and care for refilling information and general maintenance on the product you purchased.  Please use the search feature if you are looking for a specific type of instrument such as a fountain pen or a pencil.  Enjoy your browsing and please contact us if you have any questions, comments or requests.